once upon

A christmas eve…

december 24th 1843.

Christmas Eve.

Charles Dickens – writer, performer, occasional magician – is preparing his famous annual feast at his home near Regents Park.

This year is very different.

Charles has spent months stalking the City at midnight; locked in his study, weeping and gaffawing at who knows what; ushering vast theatrical machines into his home amid the pre-dawn light.

Tonight, you, and his other guests, will discover why. Tonight, A Christmas Carol’, the greatest festive tale ever told, will be born.

The candles gutter,

night draws in.

Dickens weaves his tale around you, each spellbinding word brought to life by cinematic live music. Mouthwatering plates of Victorian gastronomy and befuddling festive cups are brought forth as you marvel at every new wonder.

Soon the things you see stretch beyond the powers of reasoning. Can this extraordinary story truly be coming to life before your very eyes?

Either way, remember: Marley was dead to begin with…


“The Best Immersive CHristmas Feast IN London”


The Nudge